tinfoiled sunhats+climate change neglectors Wednesday, Mar 26 2008 

how many “scientifical”neglectionists does it required to fill the ozonhole?…how much does it cost to make us whistle into the wind to melt our fears?…resource abusers “knows” better!…do´nt they?

i suppose this kind of guys may consider the value in refreshing dessert ice of the broken pole ice!..it´s going better everyday!

violets+videocams Friday, Mar 21 2008 

wild violets everywhere…a carpet of white,pink,purple,blue,violet violets

flagrance of springhope…+me walking along with the catbunch following me,hunting a mouse here+there…streching in thefirst warm sunrays!…unsecurity…where,whatfor?it´s wildlife..no videocam around till up one daytravel of a donkeycharriot telling me,that i am!

1968-2008 vive les coquelicots! Friday, Mar 21 2008 

wake up lazy bunch!…

time for a new revolution!

gentil coqulelicot madame,gentil coquelicot!……

pulling plants to grow,”improving” humans! Thursday, Mar 20 2008 

if you pull the plant to the higher,you destroy her roots!

humans are humans “as such” a natura!the more you try to better it,the more you destroy living!enlightement is relaxing into our own nature,not chasing the carrot infront of the donkeynose!how worthly+glorious+neckelevating this carrot ever is!not controll(mostly a headegotrip over neglected shadows!)but selfacceptance is the key!….is the “be”!…i am(not,…i will be!)….humanity: humans beeing truly humans!

springfrost+tibet! Wednesday, Mar 19 2008 

free tibet from pseudocommunists

…and from feudal lama clergys!

different daffodills! Tuesday, Mar 18 2008 

a daffodill tribe,all toghether but,different sizes+head colours!

let´s not confuse harmony with the neglection of differences!

playing “all nice”hides shadows under the carpet,popping out as ugly mannieristic dragons later!

green grass for the heart! Monday, Mar 17 2008 

the young grass comes back in circle,overlapping the deadone of the past!new spring,new hope!

after meeting bullys(new rich wannabeism touchyness!),….seems one thing who gets sold by the frozen heart powerplayers is spitting on the poor participation tickets,arrogance as umbrella from the own fear of falling”) angry about me reflecting about free healthcare for the poor in france(why oh why are some oversea disturbed by that !?!)+the new units of work pathology in hospitals due to the human abuse in turbo capitalism…..i meet a friendly soul,sending me his solidarity+we ended up sharing enlightenment expiriences!…seems we are many,who cant go back to egotism after few satoris,the paradigm have changed forever,caring for the self in us+others,not chasing the carrot infront of the donkeynose!not postponing life to more+more+more..but here+now+now+now!

a snail in the wind of change! Sunday, Mar 16 2008 

a snail making her way slowly but straighline on a long pointy leaf in this springstormy rainy weather……

observing how people in groups “wanting the best for humanity”,in ecological,social,spiritual,ect….neglect unsolved human issues,powertrips,fear of changing paradigms+ ends up acting out the most hidden neurotic games once put “for the good cause”under the carpet of”are´nt we all nice !”.reality includes the shadows.neglect waste can turn deadly!the lotus is grounded in mud…not in a vase!ALL in ALL worth beeing seen+understood+loved back!

peachpetals popping up,wished minds too! Saturday, Mar 15 2008 

delicate pink dots,blossoming,against the old wall of the breadoven,over+over,….where are the spirits doing the same!

so many,too frighten,remains closed to the warmth of the heart!

falling down as potentials never expressed in all their peachyness!let´s shake our old frosty habits,let´s trust spring+life!

violets+video cams Friday, Mar 14 2008 

laying in the sun,on a field full of violets,the cats around me,chasing butterflies or pretending to catch mices….i feel so SAFE on mother earth…..

video cams who “protect me”are at least one donkeybuggy journey away!…what do they see anyway…my nosehairs,but not poverty!so..worthless junk!let me sniff the flowers in peace!

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