the young grass comes back in circle,overlapping the deadone of the past!new spring,new hope!

after meeting bullys(new rich wannabeism touchyness!),….seems one thing who gets sold by the frozen heart powerplayers is spitting on the poor participation tickets,arrogance as umbrella from the own fear of falling”) angry about me reflecting about free healthcare for the poor in france(why oh why are some oversea disturbed by that !?!)+the new units of work pathology in hospitals due to the human abuse in turbo capitalism…..i meet a friendly soul,sending me his solidarity+we ended up sharing enlightenment expiriences!…seems we are many,who cant go back to egotism after few satoris,the paradigm have changed forever,caring for the self in us+others,not chasing the carrot infront of the donkeynose!not postponing life to more+more+more..but here+now+now+now!