big cold white petals falling on the fruittree petals who had trust the early warmth!…will we miss the fruits,….much later in harvest?

what cold thoughts falls on warm hearts…that our creativ trust  gets lost?

yesterday,i was surrounded in a chat,by people,pretending that we are all liars+it appeared to me,.. it seemed very smart to them to “play” it that way!

i got sad,as i think,that they did nt understand that life was not about winning over others(+yes,..some society “evidences” about greed are fading…, like old grey frozen snowbites in cold brains!)+that considering others as “to fool objects”,they migh get paranoid themself….as we all concieve other humans as we are too.straight talking… a great challenge,who lets bloom up the most unexpected potentials in us!i´m not talking moral,or getting rid of the exploration of fantasys…i am talking about thrilling human honesty!let´s hope for the petals!