shinny rain! Saturday, May 24 2008 

earthquakes+ nuclear issues!…

opps,i thought that was not supposed to happen!

well…china shows us the evidence we allways knew possible!

catch the gloomy sparkle in the landscape with a butterflienet!


dragontail Tuesday, May 13 2008 

how many slapps does it need to swapp a wacky regime?

does earthquakes shake inner walls,rigid minds,golden soapboxes?

a wawe in flat horizons!

burma vote! Saturday, May 10 2008 

i would vote instead for this pompous colonels for this old lady between death+life,with one bottle of water,amongst the dirty waste,in a corrugated hut,….DIGNITY!

rangoon raga! Thursday, May 8 2008 

seems the military regime didnt pass the warning message comming from india to their “owned” population BEFOR the catastroph!….that much to “how much they care!”!

coucou….camera! Thursday, May 8 2008 

saw again a documentary about london video cameras+gen tests !

i asked myself…should we not mistrust a state who mistrust his inhabitants that much?…..are the REAL REASONS for deliquancy solved by this pseudo prevensions?…98%are suppose to agree!…last time i heard about such pompous agreeing statistics…that was during voting succeses in totalitarian states!…all the english friends i have must belong to the 2%….is that ALL what is left as critical citizen?…..scary!…wish you luck,guys!…say cheeese!

jaunisse agricole! Wednesday, May 7 2008 

du colza,du blé,du colza..,du blé,du colza,un ocean de colza!du blé!…la monoculture en pleine floraison!

à ce qu´il parait,remplir une fois son réservoire en “bio fuel” représsente l´équivalent de le nutrition d´un etre human par an!(je suppose,un qui a faim,non un qui se perds dans les petits déjs préfabs!).

ah,mais ca reniffle le profit,ces gens là!..t´as vu mon beau tracteur!

la nature …connait pas!..mais on nourit la planéte,…non…vous ne le faite pas!

où sont les bonnes fleures de la république:coquelicots,bleuets et marguerittes!….cette pseudo “révolution verte”(ils utilisent nos mots,les bougres pour nous vendre leurs envies de pouvoir!)pue la fleurette jaunatre au bonnet des bien dormants,mieux encore,au bas de laine du j´menfoutisme du moment que m´en met pleins dedans!….vous éternuez?…à vos souhaits!

no sport please! Monday, May 5 2008 

i am definitly churchillian on that issue!…i move myself out of the needs of lifes,not out of a disconnected performance act!nothing against a walk in the countryside or museums,moderate zealot sex,cleaning the kitchen,new games or planting patatoes,….but WHAT FOR running for medals who even arent wrapped chocolate(not to speak of national pride in a commune world in mess!)!…….do we not have enough of that ratrace anyway?

i suggest to have few thoughts more about this new “olympia”…have a look at de coubertins vision of “an healthy human”.seems we remember more easely the fists in mexico…than the stiff arms in berlin! nothing is apolitical in life,….sport neither!…not to speak about the moneymonkeybuisness involved!….so…my tv will have a rest….it´s just another furry advertisment who will pass!

oh,jolie mai! Friday, May 2 2008 


ils nous l´on confisqué depuis si longtemps, les penseurs quarés+frileux,les petits profiteurs de la morositée glorieuse!

il semble qu´il est temps de réveiller la belle du mai dormant!

sous le pavé….LA VRAI VIE!

under a leaf? Thursday, May 1 2008 

wonders where are all the freeminds gone…not engaged into “chasing”the client,pretending uterly seriosity, with promises of the golden success+eternal happyness!

next “friendly” demonstration in bejing? Thursday, May 1 2008 

considering all the china licking….one question crosses my mind!if chiness propaganda aparatchics can demonstrate in paris?….wonders if system critical frenchys…can…. in the honorable chiness capital?