i am definitly churchillian on that issue!…i move myself out of the needs of lifes,not out of a disconnected performance act!nothing against a walk in the countryside or museums,moderate zealot sex,cleaning the kitchen,new games or planting patatoes,….but WHAT FOR running for medals who even arent wrapped chocolate(not to speak of national pride in a commune world in mess!)!…….do we not have enough of that ratrace anyway?

i suggest to have few thoughts more about this new “olympia”…have a look at de coubertins vision of “an healthy human”.seems we remember more easely the fists in mexico…than the stiff arms in berlin! nothing is apolitical in life,….sport neither!…not to speak about the moneymonkeybuisness involved!….so…my tv will have a rest….it´s just another furry advertisment who will pass!