Considering the increasing amount of control mannerism/”moderation” abuses purging each real controversy out of so called “free comment” spaces in pretend liberal media, its time to figure out the damage done through such power abusive practices and how much it impacts the creative stagnation limiting solutions to a middle class pleasant mindset expecting avoiding “nice”(nescius/ignorant)ness and a class in power blind and deaf  for alternatives to the driven deterministic madness.

The amount of little monkeys sitting on the shoulders of citizen, dictating the “right” thoughts up to a big brother aseptic society is pointing towards mental voyeurs who never appears publicly. Dangerous power games for weak minded manipulative losers with control freaking phantasy’s used by different lobby’s who insist on the submission of humans to their territory marks. Such behaviour wont stop the coming change, but makes it far more dangerous for all and brutally “unexpected”as warning voices gets sidelined.