TOUS enfants de la patrie! Saturday, Jul 31 2010 

Est ce que la constitution permet de retirer a un francais aux origines diverses , utilisant d autres francais comme boucs emissaires de ces propres mefaits , sa nationalite?

NON, et ce est tres bien comme cela!

Notre democracie republicaine  est plus forte que les tentations de certains de repeter la pire histoire par profits , privileges et aventages,  si nous lui donnons par notre engagement ca veritable dimension.

Liberte ! ,  Egalite !,  Fraternite !

Le charme d une ville “vide” en aout Friday, Jul 30 2010 

Une parc en pleine floraison pour moi toute seule, enfin presque, quelques ombres lointaines et des moineaux currieux.

Tous partis vers des attractions lointaines, les magasins sans ventes, les bureaux sans importances, quel delice futile de survivant solitaire a qui la providence offre la clef de la ville liberee du quotidien. La poudre d escampette en restant chez soi!

Neo Cromwellian/Orwellian England Monday, Jul 26 2010 

The epigenetic trauma of a fake revolution who was the incarnated greedy  bigotry, still shows up to the actual curtain pinching CCTV control obsession who gave up all her country substance to a greedy mad driven city who pretends “seriousness”. Its still the same witch hunting of each controversy growing outside the 3 neoliberal lobby partys. This extreme stiffness projects into scab picking conceptual brit art his own weirdness. The aspiring up climbing( in unnecessary  “go between jobs”) middle class acts out nepotism, fake poshness and hip attitude, but remains the “lick above, kick down, look away” of class division.  Its a dangerous nightmare .

Critical psychology Saturday, Jul 24 2010 

I  have observed how society unreflecting, psychiatry and many therapists have turned in this neoliberal decades.The worse kind of pharma pleasing “we can help you” paternalism , even reintroducing “mild electrochocks”, and other compartmental “adaptation” to a mad society system.

Instead of time for talks, “take your pill”!

I read recently a label : passive aggressive, who once was used mostly as description of the  “white glove” mannerist violence towards those some considered as not even “worth” an open confrontation, turned suddenly into “jealousy towards more successful, more wealthy”.

That much to : welcome to  neoliberal political psychiatry.

Few decades ago, Many instead of going the whole way of self discovery with new therapy’s , went into the “get a nice piece of of the psy cake” , from these once open minded soft structures,  some self declared patronising popes set the rules of pseudo “safety”, meant profit through participation to the clan privileges  and “make money” with it. What a petit bourgeois mess, compared to the possible human potential , these people “sold out”.

Result, the old reactionary meme are back, and needs a new controversy.

The over individualisation of failure of adaptation concepts, instead of “seeing the brighter interaction” affecting all, IS the social neurose of  a fat cat pleasing psychology.

I wish to hear more voices speaking up OUT of therapeutic ethic, not willing to be used, not willing to deform those in need of help “to fit in the machine”.

Not naming the evil IS already participation to it.

La chasse au “mauvais gitans” est ouverte! Thursday, Jul 22 2010 

Pour divertir des “affaires ” aux plus haut niveau, rien de mieux que de denigrer “les gens du voyages”. Le populisme malsain connait ces cibles depuis si longtemps et les Rom, manouches en France depuis des siecles ne sont pas des francais “egaux” aux yeux de “la France, c est moi!”. Imaginons la meme  generalisation face a d autres groupes qui ont ete aussi victimes d extermination!

Je recommende a chacun de vivre une journee dans les “cites prevus” pour l hebergement. En generale une “non-architecture” loins de tout et humiliante.

L agression “passive agressive” denigrante au quotidien PROVOQUE la colere!

Pretendre “resoudre des problemes” par le dedain de l autre  est de la demagogie .

Qui sont les veritables “individus dangereux”?

harvesting the wind who got seeded Tuesday, Jul 20 2010 

The crops gets harvest up the the night these days, less than the hopes of the “speculating” farmers who already ask for their next subvention.

The climate has changed and it wonders how the relation between oversized fields for oversized engines ripping off a soil reduced to a chemical commodity, destroying bushes and trees and wind speed are seen. Agro fuel destroys old ground.

But the lobby’s have influence, and the reduction of nature to an agro factory goes on. Sad wheat!

Over conformity Sunday, Jul 18 2010 

It strife me when I read many of these “individual blog” how behind all the surface “hipness” a disastrous reactionary over conformity appears generalized.

Few critical voices here and there, but the main sheep herd seems after few decades of neoliberal brainwashing, driven by an extreme need to “be conform”. I just wonder if this complexity phobia neglects every aspects who contradicts a fragile fake sense of “security” to belong to the tribe.

The patterns often sounds as if the establishment had never been worth questioning. Its scary to see how young people(with few exceptions!) behave like old clichés of a “perfect petit bourgeois”.

I wish many prove me wrong on that!

Clan gathering Friday, Jul 16 2010 

My post activity might be reduced due to family visiting.

Means lots of land parties, pick nicks and long evenings.

Lets enjoy the summer !

direct democracy Wednesday, Jul 14 2010 

At the 14 of july, in honour of another revolution, lets consider our actual democratic needs and new options as citizen.

The “elites” supposed to represent us, end as lobby pleasing anti democratic power hungry nepotists mocking the inner meaning of democracy.

High time to use the actual tools for something of greater importance than voting in few media celebrity’s. In a moment where humanity is in danger due to the failing of those who give a bird shit of the true  needs of citizen once elected, we can demand more than at a time where we use to send”our man” to the main city in a carriage on bumpy roads.

Responsibility is bearable to all citizen.

We might learn a greater open discourse in common, not less “worthy” than what this fake representation produced, and much faster due to the needs we face.

Direct democracy is possible and NEEDED!

Little hints for hot days! Tuesday, Jul 13 2010 

Water the curtain and ad some drops of lavender oil, or another sent you like.

After hanging back, the condensation is cooling the room and the fragrance helps relaxing and chasing the insects.

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