Having not experience in the own lifetime anything else then postmodern neoliberalism might lead to this kind of “depressive superior” attitude lifestyle, many seems to confuse with the human potential theses days . Each projects on the whole his/her own unconscious.
I start to loose patience considering the systematic mess inflicted on us all, with your kind of “I know the world smartness” diminishing the human nature in pretend need to be “lead&controlled” by people with rigid hierarchic perceptions of reality leading to their own unease stiff “coolness”.
This reactionary superficial view on humanity appears of such great need to preserve the own petty privileges and those of those few “worthy”, but the rest …honestly who cares, they don’t have “style”.
Many words might hide a poverty of heart, and a narrow frame of mind. Who and what holds you, when you let go the control illusion and fall backwards? the mutual back tapping cafe late society “in power”?
I hope more then that!