Enlightenment has as much to do with Buddhism as water with soft drinks.
TOO MUCH fake niceness “nescius/ignorant) SUGAR& DOGMA FLAVOURS, to be the real life essential thing.
The main purpose of any religion pretending to be the go between improving the “goodness” of humans, is reinforcing the power structures of a clergy.
From my experience with enlightenment as highly world inclusive delightful sensual EXPERIENCE , I doubt that celibacy is of any good beside as tool of control inside the system. Admiring country’s where people can hardly get any education beside as monks/nuns is an avoidance of the own historical social developments .
Monastery’s as form of feudal birth control, is not truly a though full way of considering the pleasure energy needed to build neuronal bridges.
Belonging to a golden card country member club of the right mantra path, is just some escapism more, and retrograding into master worship, a form of spiritual immaturity, mostly readjusted into omnipotence participation games towards “non believers”.
Religions are anti spiritual, Buddhism too. The idea to obtain a good human through “discipline”,”self control (who controls whom in that game?), or other practices dividing life in moralin bites is a disdain of the true human potential to feel natural compassion and unity with all being.
The “Buddhist” ego game is not the “SELF”. Its just another society pleasing image more far from unique&universal experience of being.
Enlightenment is always a revolution, not a trained pet.