I am aware to walk on holy politicly correct ground, when I question again a statues quo, but as I would enjoy a truly open minded society, I allow myself few “un pious” thoughts, as much I find it natural to let everybody live “a sa facon” as long they respect other and it appears to me that the balance of “though dominance” has switched. This good old fashion word has been kidnapped by a nepotist lobby and I wish as agnostic hetero to dance around the maypole in a gay way, without any sexual determinism. The liberty’s of some have been so overly imposed on all, as “have to like it or die” by a think police administrating the “right thinking”. I just wonder how much of it is a narcissistic media niche imposed fashion and how much might be a sublimated abuse or neurotic avoidance? How much might even be the neglect impact of artificial (pesticides, pills,plastic) hormones in our water impacting the embryo. I wished to reflect about what impacts the human without being nailed to the cross of disgrace. As long fashion “gods” impose to women to run around like their fantasy’s of toy boys, I can have my doubts how “natural” it is when men run away in disgust when they think of an intercourse with a women.I might not feel woman “liberated” by woman insisting in looking like men.How “free” are children “produced in India or elsewhere “by poor exploited women, to fit the “natural wish” for being parents without the “evil gender meeting or how will be the sexual self worth of some “home made” by injecting the sperm.I want to reflect who has more society power and who gets more “repressed”, an unemployed or underpayed supermarket worker with 3 kids and no time for “politic” (unknown sexual orientation) or a well situated yuppie homosexual politician?. I join the old Freud on that, that we are ALL polymorph perverts. My purpose is not to condemn people loving other from the same gender, my question is more how limiting this choice might be and how much the victim of once ( and yes, too many are still victims of their sexual preferences worldwide,no doubt on that!) can be those setting the new bigot dogmas.