I  have observed how society unreflecting, psychiatry and many therapists have turned in this neoliberal decades.The worse kind of pharma pleasing “we can help you” paternalism , even reintroducing “mild electrochocks”, and other compartmental “adaptation” to a mad society system.

Instead of time for talks, “take your pill”!

I read recently a label : passive aggressive, who once was used mostly as description of the  “white glove” mannerist violence towards those some considered as not even “worth” an open confrontation, turned suddenly into “jealousy towards more successful, more wealthy”.

That much to : welcome to  neoliberal political psychiatry.

Few decades ago, Many instead of going the whole way of self discovery with new therapy’s , went into the “get a nice piece of of the psy cake” , from these once open minded soft structures,  some self declared patronising popes set the rules of pseudo “safety”, meant profit through participation to the clan privileges  and “make money” with it. What a petit bourgeois mess, compared to the possible human potential , these people “sold out”.

Result, the old reactionary meme are back, and needs a new controversy.

The over individualisation of failure of adaptation concepts, instead of “seeing the brighter interaction” affecting all, IS the social neurose of  a fat cat pleasing psychology.

I wish to hear more voices speaking up OUT of therapeutic ethic, not willing to be used, not willing to deform those in need of help “to fit in the machine”.

Not naming the evil IS already participation to it.