Bonnard ou le charme du quotidien Monday, Aug 30 2010 

Dans les premises de l ete indien, apres la premiere nuit froide, l ami Bonnard me revient en memoire.

Ce chantre des plaisirs simples m est proche apres un bol de lait chaud  a observer les chats dans le  jardin aux couleurs vives sous un ciel bleu metalique. L ile douce , refuge face aux furies du monde.

socialisme caviar gratine Monday, Aug 30 2010 

Rien qu a voire qui qui pointe son nez pour replacer “celui dont le celeste etre ne peut etre nomme a sa juste valeur”, ca me coupe l appetit.

Ras le bol de la politique mediatique statistique de l ombre qui nous dit  quelles celebritees on aiment .

De la trompette mere fouettard, a l eminence grise des midinettes, BEURK!

Diogenes fish Sunday, Aug 29 2010 

Sometimes I wonder how often the Athenians have to be slapped with an old sardine, till they “GET IT!”.

“netiquette” Sunday, Aug 29 2010 

Just another wannabe “nice” (nescius/ignorant) mannerism more, of affected little finger rising territory markers, who truly think Marie Antoinette still eats cakes in some historically disastrous fashion films.

Etiquette is about hierarchical privileges, not about”fairness” or “respect”.

Netiquette is the attempt of new riche kids “in charge” using  affected pseudo posh “sound good noises” during they act out the most cynical “games”, to project their passive aggression on “outsiders” they can blame in common “for the good of all”. The old verbal cafe latte attitude deviance pretending to “care”.

A sugary name for manipulative lobby mobbing of free speech.

“reality” TV Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

To put wannabe or ex celebrity’s in a box as supply for voyeuristic boredom is as “real” as a post modern neoliberal fluffy temporary concentrate excluding camp can be.

Attention seeker acting out , what they (or the production) think might bring audience, is pathetically the summit of superficiality, but by that a reflection of the rampant absurdity neglecting “real” reality issues.

See the little light at your TV. Give him a rest!

Tried country walk, creative dish washing or …”real” life?

La notte Friday, Aug 27 2010 

Simply a link to Michelangelo Antonioni

A subtle deep reflection of the essentials in life .

A timeless freedom allowing the needed time to perception.

Non arty art Friday, Aug 27 2010 

What a difference between the humble attitude of skilled craftsman’s and hot air 5 minute joke conceptualists polishing their ego navel.

More of the REAL thing, please!

Silent England Friday, Aug 27 2010 

I observe that many people in the UK starts to talk with “low noise” voices.

It could be a methaphore for a libel/political correct dumbed down self censure, but even if it is probably linked to such a fake nice (nescius/ignorant) superficiality where everybody fears everybody and only the “rude kids” yells their guts out, it is a true sensual auditive experience, of people sending minimalist signals through cotton walls.

A country talking inwards must learn to “SPEAK UP !”.

“phallic” architecture Thursday, Aug 26 2010 

The obsession to still build “the highest towers” with mirroring shine &steal and high phobic glass pseudo transparent nightmares reflects still the concept of society of many architects projecting their ego on us all, and by that their inability to think truly social&resource environmentally. Alibi “green” is not good enough!

Instead of adapting humans to hybrid architecture, architecture should aim to serve the needs of human for shelter in simple to build available for all solutions.

Imposing sex toy shapes on urban skylines is NOT living satisfaction either, specially when on the ground, the division grows and the digital code  pretend “safe housing” gets neatly separated from those “suburb” who are only considered as “next playground to ruin down for estate speculation”with high walls.

Empty reflections of pretend “IN” citys, are “Potemkin  village” illusions empty of real life. A cafe late society chasing away a real creative but poor boeheme or old “locals”and naturally grown neighbourhoods  leads to soulless “everywhere the same boredom “towns. Glitter flashy architecture has too long shadows darkening the life of too many.

City’s where only  superficial profit “needs” can survive, are DEAD STRUCTURES.

Neurotic “leaders” Thursday, Aug 26 2010 

The amount of evident neurotic issues who might create the wish in some to be the “man (rarely woman) in charge”, the untouchable alpha wannabe is visible to each willing to see.

Considering that the gain of power increases drastically the testosterone level of this “winners”, their main activity will be (out of their inner unassumed fear of weakness) to cling to their power addiction and kick everybody who might stop the supply of this “ego calming” drug.

No energy left for anything else, truly!

Instead of trying to hope for their detox through “information about the danger of megalomania”, lets create a society without a need for “perfect breast beating daddy s “in charge”.They end being abusive as this model attracts those childish minds who have to hide their emotional immaturity behind posturings of care .

Our society does not need the projection on new failing parents “in charge” but mature citizen assuming together our common reality.

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