Behind the pseudo liberal outlook of an ending capitalism (“neo liberal”), the mechanism imposing the transparency of citizen for the profit and privileges of few is increasing like a rampant disease. The amount of data collected from individuals is so absurdly immense that  not only the required eco & human resources  are bound to fail their pretend purposes but correspond to a dangerous subjective abusive chaos who could affect human life and democracy disastrously. The manipulative arbitrary of changing forces “in power” about the tools allowing the weirdest control freaks who “wants our best”(are we willing to give it to “them”?) to deviate our attention from the real issues affecting our specie in our not so brave old world, is pointing towards either dictatorial systems of the most suspects above all, or, let me hope, towards the imploding of the own systematic megalomania of these “big brothers&sisters” power structures. May it end as each of these attempt to dominate the human spirit, as a sad attempt of boring mindsets who failed the human potential to make truly sense out of REAL life.