Seems that the “creative booming potential” of an ending capitalism results in the warming up of the same life unvital show off engines.

More cellphones or other electric crap with more unnecessary functions one “MUST” have or replaced norms force to have! . What a poverty of REAL new solutions helping truly humanity.

It s simply a repetition of the old greed marketing selling pretend privileges to speeded up consumers who does not realise how fast they will be forces to replace the crap to still feel  the “high” of temporary ownership of “in” articles. Not to mention the increasing vulnerability of all these new sophistications.(cars,washing machines used to be less affected and more comprehensive to many!).The pseudo eco effect is smashed by the production energy factor, who gets faster repeated through obsessive “betterness”.

The whole driven addiction, neglects resources reality and the division between the true “improvement” of an oversized TV using the double of energy and the old one , is simply a “push to buy” factor, not truly more life quality, specially as the quality of the programs tend to be more of the same brain fast food.

Sometimes a step forward is not buying what one does not truly need.

Life without this inflation of nonsense is possible!