Humiliating people systematic sidelined by a greed obsessed speculation driven neoliberalism favorising sociopathic structures is a projection  to calm a “lick up, kick down, look away” middle class who fears her own fall and get gratified for her inability to face reality with “go between”jobs where they can administrate with pseudo caring finger pointing games “those others” they need to distance themselves.

Basic income is a necessity for a basic democracy .
Both will have to come, as they are the only possible alternative to a divisive mess unfolding ecologically&socially.Resource justice is a MUST.
The surviving optimum of our specie was, is, will always be compassion/collaboration.The Smith theorem of greed is neurologically wrong.

What kind of society do we want?

One respecting the dignity of each citizen, and enjoying the unfolding creative potential resulting out of this respect,

or the actual cynicism pushed to his logical end who would be the end of humanity too.