When I read  those  scary  amount of religious fanatic bigotry still lost in proselytism bringing the “light to the world” (With new wars?), or the postmodern “boom” leader leaders and other “improvers” of wonderfoolness, I think with compassion how hard life must be to intelligent sensible humans over the big pond. Could be blamed on us on this side for sending some doubtful cultists and hungry souls (bad mix!) over. But considering that the most myth are historically absurd( the most who went on the long track died trough their own inability to handle weapons or through their “own” people, not through “violent natives”, and the poor cowboys (mostly relieved slaves after the secession war) lived from sardines in cans and not barbecue.  And so on! Celebrity obsession&paranoia culture.The Holy glitter show must NOT go on!

How can we help this eternal “light bringers” to relax a bit and re-enter humanity. Considering the amount of resources needed for a supposedly “way of life” (the most cant afford now!), the question can be asked!

Any suggestions ?