The amount of evident neurotic issues who might create the wish in some to be the “man (rarely woman) in charge”, the untouchable alpha wannabe is visible to each willing to see.

Considering that the gain of power increases drastically the testosterone level of this “winners”, their main activity will be (out of their inner unassumed fear of weakness) to cling to their power addiction and kick everybody who might stop the supply of this “ego calming” drug.

No energy left for anything else, truly!

Instead of trying to hope for their detox through “information about the danger of megalomania”, lets create a society without a need for “perfect breast beating daddy s “in charge”.They end being abusive as this model attracts those childish minds who have to hide their emotional immaturity behind posturings of care .

Our society does not need the projection on new failing parents “in charge” but mature citizen assuming together our common reality.