The obsession to still build “the highest towers” with mirroring shine &steal and high phobic glass pseudo transparent nightmares reflects still the concept of society of many architects projecting their ego on us all, and by that their inability to think truly social&resource environmentally. Alibi “green” is not good enough!

Instead of adapting humans to hybrid architecture, architecture should aim to serve the needs of human for shelter in simple to build available for all solutions.

Imposing sex toy shapes on urban skylines is NOT living satisfaction either, specially when on the ground, the division grows and the digital code  pretend “safe housing” gets neatly separated from those “suburb” who are only considered as “next playground to ruin down for estate speculation”with high walls.

Empty reflections of pretend “IN” citys, are “Potemkin  village” illusions empty of real life. A cafe late society chasing away a real creative but poor boeheme or old “locals”and naturally grown neighbourhoods  leads to soulless “everywhere the same boredom “towns. Glitter flashy architecture has too long shadows darkening the life of too many.

City’s where only  superficial profit “needs” can survive, are DEAD STRUCTURES.