Stinktank Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Instead of a trust into the human potential in us all, leading to new democratic inclusive forms, we face AGAIN, a new generation of recycled speculative yuppies, who style them self up as the new inspiration, regurgitating old mostly reactionary meme &formulas.Their main aim is not a “better society” but finding a niche to set up their careerist ambitions. Old rotten cheese, if you ask me!

Instead of these self declared overpay pithia voices flattering “elites & leaders” ,  inspired by the vaporous hot air talk of an ending post modern neoliberalism, lets listen to our guts&brains, who might tell us, enough of that nonsense, time for REAL changes.

The drugged society Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Analysing our society without considering the wide use of cocaine as “promotion factor” in yuppie speculative careerist circles, leading to effects like coolness or social disdain, or the passivity created by the wide overuse of tranquilliser leading to a lack of appropriated revolt facing abuses, neglects that under all the “serious surface”, we live in a reality created by drug heads.

We can ad to that, social boozing reducing the faculty to reflect, and other “entertaining” addictions more, deviating the senses from making sense.

Neoliberalism without speed, and postmodernity without mood flatners is like engines without their fuel. All the “normal” junkies taking their little pills to “function well” and all the false hypes full of emptiness sold by marketing pushers and “the show must go on” profiteurs.

High time to detox society before we end as specie as the tragic side issue of a “to consume” reality distortion.

Tatooes,piercing&co or about the absurdity of mass individuality Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Over the last years a industry, probably in need of new clients, as sheep to mark and sailors to decorate gets less, has impose herself as a new MUST to prove the own sense for “individual” temerity. Considering that this “mass freedom” is just another paradoxum more, as much as the next “revivals” to animate the business, like tribal branding or piercings for truly fashion “victims”.

The need for “strong sensations”, are a sign of  lousy censorial connections, who points towards early censorial deprivation resulting  later in a poor endorphins production . So, what went wrong in those spoiled brats life?

All this is a narcissist desensitisation of the body, reducing him to an “out look” commodity pretending to reflect through decorations many will regret in later years, the inner more valuable “I”.It is as neoplatonist as all body/soul divisions denigrating the body to a faire valoir of the soul.

The REAL individuality is to NOT run on commend to do the “IN” to do.

The skin of a human tells already lots of stories, without placative statements.

Plastic surgery Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 

This new “must have” the media brainwash us daily as their ability to sell bimbo entertainment is higher than sharing culture for the inner brain plasticity, is some apogee of the narcissistic self hate instrumentalising  and REDUCING the body to a commodity subordinated to the neurotic wishes of eternal attractivity of the disposable “market fitting” human.

Once plastic surgery got invented for soldiers suffering from the wounds of the war, now the war seems about market placement up to the “improvement” of teenager.

Considering that world hunger could easily be solved several times by the profits of this intrusive “industry”,and that globally clean water is more needed to children than fluid in plastic breasts, the deviance how care turned to non care is evident.

Instead of more oversized pneumatic lips, beauty “improved” noses &vaginas, stretched penises & eyelids and other cloned horrors, lets get the dignity of ageing and difference back, instead of perpetuating monster “norms”, and acting as if self cutting was a normal “success” improving act.

Le non respect de l ecole Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 

Hier la TV nous a presente le CD introduisant les jeunes profs dans “l art de se faire “respecter”. Je n en revenais pas,…les memes vielles arrogances de dominance de “l eleve unsubordine” qui doit etre dompte par un system scolaire qui en toute evidence ne se posse pas de question sur sa propre raison d etre. Comme toute logique scientifique sur la facon d apprende (par exemple du plaisir comme MUST stimulatoire neurologique !) etait remplacee par ce “domtage de future citoyens” pour leur apprendre a OBEIR sans questionement a des authoritees en manque de “respect”,  je craint que le resultat de ce bourrage de crane a instruction de face sans possibilite d interactions  , qui s imagine etre une transmission de culture quands il n est que l apprentisage de la servilite , vas rejeter tout esprit ayant un sense de liberte en soi et peutere une intelligence plus vaste que ces petits esprits peureux de n etre pas “obeis” fabriquant de l eleve “plaisant”. Sauront-ils resister lors du Test de Milgram si ils veulent des “bonnes notes” et de l avencement sociale “sans fautes”? J en doute !.

Quel petit monde etrique, sans veritable croyance en un potentiel humain NATUREL ayant envie de comprendre le monde. De tres mauvais exemples a “suivre”. Revoyez vos copies!

2 evil brothers Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Having the choice between 2 Miliband brothers (good cop, bad cop distraction) sold as THE alternative , shows that labour goes on playing the apartchi-chic game, like all these disapointing pseudo socialist partys in Europe,  still lost into celebrity carrierism, far, far from a real insighfull reflection about the past disaster of the Blair/Brown support of the neoliberal turbo capitalism surveillance&war machine.

Just another rightwing party in “light rose” amongst other right wing partys is NOT a democratic choice.

High time for a direct democracy(yes WE CAN!) without all this “important” worthless puppets.

Post modern “art” at Versailles Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Obviously due to the little  “improve the market worth ” through the cynical art media circus, who instruments a national heritage for his own speculative purposes, tourists visiting the castle of Versailles gets forced to “improve” their taste towards post modern “art” put in the middle of their way.

I imagine easy, some could do without and would be delighted, even on a fast “push the tourist through” to dream a bit on their own in the ambience they expected originally as they made their choice.The Japanese might have enough manga culture “at home”already.But Can we expect Japaness inheritage to welcome french trash art too?

Not enough to press Marie Antoinette into a stupid girlie film concept full of pink and petits fours, no, let her ghost stumble about “easy sugary eye catcher”.How nicccceeee! (Nescius:ignorant).

Just another example how OUR culture  institutions (pay by tax) are used for THEIR fat cat profits.

Time for a REAL little revolution again instead of this easy speculative provocation, shopping taste.

They forgot the last ones, too easy!

It is OUR national citizen inheritage, not THEIR nouveaux riches elitist playground .

Alzheimer s disease & human dignity Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Having cared during years for my mother who beside other affection was affected with Alzheimer s disease, I have been very upset in the last to read comments in some newspaper pretending it was unbearable to the relatives ,worse than cancer and a possible question of assisted suicide. What a scary amount of  emotional rigidity and lack of human empathy.

The obvious panic of a middle class mindset where everybody has to “function well”to not disturb the superficial “harmony”is definitely shaken by such a situation. One has to resolve his own issues with his parents before he/she can change his adult diaper, transports them few times  back into bed in the middle of the night or battles for them with a cynical system. I made the choice to care , mostly on my own, because it seemed the most evident to me, to not expose a person with a strong personality like my mum, who beside being my mum( what meant already a lot to her), was beside few other no neglectable aspects, an artist, a professor and a critical spirit , an engaged lover of humans &life and a resistant during the war. I simply knew that someone who had laugh with Boris Vian and fought with the gun for the liberation of Paris(and not accepted the medals coming her way!), could hardly be “integrated” into an “for our aged population” institution .

It didn’t kill me, well almost, but I blame that on the systematic society “look away” (we know that politicians never get old and if, in much better privileged conditions) of this situation, who insist on neglecting those who cares and hopes everybody gives up, to feed the “we care for you industry”.

I do not say it was “easy”, it was a daily challenge and I was after her death (she died at home) exhausted, and in need of sleep recovery for all the nights without. Good we had cultivated a garden of real friends helping in need. I do not even say, its everybody solution. But we kept up the last a form of communication , she once called it  finding ” a path through her jungle”.We even had cultivated in time some strong straight sense of mutual humour who worked often even in that absurd surrealistic reality.

Her gift…a smile up the last.

It made me stronger and was “worth it!”.

Provocative “IRENE” Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Isn’t it an absurdum that the Israel government one day after allowing new settlements, they obviously don’t consider a form of  provocation in the middle of a new peace debate they are involved in, call a little ship called “Irene” filled with Jewish/Israeli pacifist, amongst them an 80 year old holocaust survivor, trying to reach Gaza out of humanitarian aim, a “PROVOCATION”.

How are systems who pretends to own THE absolute truth, called again?

Infrastructure “developpment” Monday, Sep 27 2010 

You wonder about all this projects build against the will of citizen, with the determinate insistence of politicians supposed to represent them, but affirming “it s for your own good”. All these gigantic ecological &social careless projects ,these bridges build in the middle of nowhere going nowhere, this shopping malls replacing other shopping malls without customers before and after, the empting of life inside towns the tax supported yuppieising of propriety “improvement” creating dead city centre and social outcast suburbs, this burning of  houses&woods on “attractive”eras, the destruction of old trees in park s for pretend “safety reasons” replanted fast new “safe” representative projects , this superficial over dimensional “art” improving the “attractivity” of a region, the new demands of more streets and more pseudo eco demands imposing  new “nice” standards deviating from the REAL ecological issues  , abusive farming and nuclear power waste under your garden and wars you didn’t ask for killing people you never meet, and so on….Welcome into the nepotist paradise of the friends helping the friends to make booming profits.

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