I cant believe how many people still sell their franchise of the “booming economy” business “soul improvement”.

I consider each who does that as a part of the disastrous problem and not as they claim “solution helpers”.To sell the illusion of individual “well doing”detached from the effects of a destructed  market abusing social&nature resources is PARTICIPATIVE GREED farcing herself as “help&care”.

No, “we” can not do it, without the awareness of our co affliction and interactive codependency. How dare some divide the individual “success” from the systematic failure of a pseudo “elite” supported by a wannabe middle class who neglect her role in the mess over lighting her own victimness.

Each CAN makes a society difference, but those avoiding social reality to gain more “wealth” are just the perpetuated lousy “difference” from their and our all true needs in common.

Sometimes one has to RESIST  selling glitter gold thoughts to wishful demands.

And YES, Sometimes saying NO to adapting the masses to a sick system is an ethical duty.

Therapists and other “social helpers” are not on earth to” help the little fish to swim more happy into the mouth of sharks” but to help humans as much as possible to see/feel clearly what impacts them, and find ways how to handle it . It is not about a  “prospering business” abusing the resource “post modern  neurosis” in a sarcastic way.