Depression appears to be the society accepted way of at first sight “non cooperation” with a sick system pushing our specie into collective self destruction through resource abuse and carelessness.

But seen from near it is a bourgeois way of not challenging truly the paradigm with such strong “disturbing” emotions as anger or protest . Frozen fear of changes.

Depression AVOIDS real sadness leading to reactions.That why it is “conform”.The well mannered way to “take on the own back”till exhaustion instead of crying out loud and being truly “disturbing” to the conventions that everything is beside that “own” inadequacy, “ALL-RIGHT!”.

Some use violence to avoid sadness, and some use sadness to avoid anger. Some use sentimentality &hysteria to prevent deeper  emotions. Some even use self hurt to manipulate people around them.To be a victim is one thing, to be an abusive victim, another.

This “depressive culture” who is supported by a pharma industry who s profit rises, with each who is willing to level his moods to superficial” adaptation” is THE reason, why real protests don’t emerge as healthy reaction to abusive sytems. Pink glass pills, are anti reflection, they are middle class “its all good” lullaby s who postpone the perception of the coming society crash.

High Time to wake up out of the over individual self pity trip of “non success” in a sociopathic society. Solidarity&awareness are collectively needed instead of lazy poseur nihilism. I feel compassion for real sadness, not for illusory ego trips of grandeur who fail. Instead of “nice” electroshocks on prescription, REAL CHANGES including ALL aspects involved. Social and ecological environment included. Stop functioning or dysfunction , find out who you truly are and what you truly want.Your rediscovered self might help humanity to be human .