As this date seems now under imperialistic “ownership” of one country only,

I propose another 9/11 Traumatic experiences:

Specially as this experiences seems to echo in the actual situation of country’s  afflicted by foreign ” help” in “government changes”.

Henry Kissingers peace Nobel price sounds like another spit in the face of those who got killed, got tortured or had to immigrate or suffered the daily repression .

With all respect to ALL victims of atrocity, we can question the obvious neglectful “innocence” of citizen lost in national pathos, detached from the disastrous effects of their foreign politic.

Europeans who have experience the destruction of whole city’s through the madness of war, might have another perspective to war as conflict “solution”, as USAmericains who up the act of absurd violence they encountered , felt “on safe ground”. The  reaction showed again less introspective reflection, and got used for even more of the same abusive word impacting politic.

In memory of ALL victims !

May we learn out of their suffering, the true lessons of history helping us towards a sense for global humanity.