The dramatic increasing medication prescription for  “disturbing” children is another “success” story of pharma profit spreading meme of “non adaptation” & salvation pills  at the same time, with disastrous future outcomes .

Instead of a generation of children who has learned to consume “society belonging” through chemical brain impacting drugs , we have to ask what impacts children in that way that parents/some society agent feels the need to control them with medication.

A overly media visual sitting consuming society reducing the natural body expression needed for skilled movement coordination, a lack of sensory diversity experience , missing of body space comforting limits in distancing or overwhelming, even sometimes abusive encounters, chemical impacted nutrition &environment might lead to other “reasons” of the “imperfect functioning ” child.

Not to forget, the neurological absurd concepts of a “sit down and purr boring datas in” “education systems”, narcissistic expectations of “perfect children reflecting perfect parents” afflicted by their own divertive attitude, dealing with stress factors.

Maybe children have an antenna telling them to “run”, an old reaction reflex of our specie in times of danger.

Stop keeping still as if only the children would get it wrong.