Learning bridges between neurones are fuelled by lust, control reduces their interaction.
So, we can have a look why an educational system neglects pleasure as intelligence necessity.

After having survived an educational system who neglected that aspect with determinate insistence, I realise that the system can not question his own function who is to provide society with the same non questioning citizen.

As obviously we come to an evidence that the “elites” have not had our best interests in mind neither socially or ecologically, (beside few drop outs like me), but the perpetuation of the same dumbing down process, even up the “academic” hierarchies, the surprise is not truly one.

I thank my parents(mother artist&professor) to have give me enough permission to question the pet training trip (I organised my first general school strike as speaker as I was 13!).

The schools should represents the trust in the human potential based on natural curiosity but they don’t and reduce over long periods the inner self worth systematically with reactionary life procrastination games. Instead of the respect of the child, the idea to do him good by limiting his kinesiological aims and his individual desires to know . Everything I learned of value in my life, I did it on my own outside the school. But that would not lead me to the idea of a private schooling for the “smart ones”, as I do not consider social exclusion as a form of intelligence.  The actual conservative abuse of the therm “free school” is just another time wasting class division game more. Out of experience I can tell the difference between a boring posh factory boarding school and places like Summerhill (even if, the privileged aspects still rings a bell there too!).

Pretending to “help the underprivileged” by pushing them through the same moronic institution twaddle, is coming from the same hypocrites who assume that their new riche kids needs nepotist supports.

Learning happens in each instant of life NATURALLY,

The chasing of hierarchy confirming diploma and positions is only a sign of lack of creativity& inner maturity.

Learning is more than “education”, and reducing the transmission of human wisdom to such society temporary arbitrary concepts is plain stupid and of great disdain to all other ways possible.