Not one day we don’t get spoon feed with the need to help restrain state budgets, with enterprises demanding restrictions “to survive” and other artificial poverty noises.

Lets not imagine,all that is coming out of a new awareness of limited ecological resources, as the “back to a booming economy”is STILL the absurd goal.

It is simply the newest con artist trick pretending, serious citizen have to pay for the greater rip off , delocalisation and destructuring profits and have to work longer for much less . Hard times you know!

What a splendid idea to impact mostly the poorest to pay off the little tax gifts to the richest.And the middle class is still lost in “trying to be good to get a pride sweet” buys into that cynical game, not seeing the bigger picture.They love the “try harder!”lullaby of future golden ages.

But more and more understand the division abuse the “fat cat babes” choir is singing.

The finance bubble is definitely overblown and the next crash evident,but squeezing sweat and tears out of citizen will hardly impact speculation engines.

Social justice is a far better way to “solve the problems”.