The French government has passed the law banning the veil in public.

Beside the fact that the government instrumentalise this topic to put a veil on her own hidden agenda, this law is a must, welcomed by all republicains assuming that in a lay democracy we have to be able to communicate openly face to face.The pseudo “freedom”speeches of some  people using these bag over the head concept as a way to impose their sectarian will in a pervert game of fetish demonstration, including everybody who does not react , into the submission acceptance humiliation, is of no difference as of tress passing fetishist leading their victim on a colar through an assemblee, expecting everbodys submissive silence. Such games should be reserved to the private space and only under comutually agreeing adults , not on the open space of a lay society.If some are THAT easily aroused, let them wear oversized pants.

Out of a help situation, I got forced to limit my perception of the communication of someone to the overexposed eyes, and vague indicating body movement under a wide tent cloth, as the verbal conversation was mostly through the by standing man. I remember a feeling that MY intimacy limits had been trespassed, by this eye limitation of human communication parameters.I found it paradoxical intrusive and tiring.

Such dress codes are man made macho gender power tools and far from each authentic godly experience, dividing humans in vanitous “purists” and weak minded contact unworthily citizen. Men can feel offend too by these generalised assumption of them as rapists, if not prevented by the decency of women hiding their body’s. How “god pleasing” is such a limiting narrow concept confusing rule obediences with godly love anyway!

All humans are worth respect as long they respect their next as human.

Once useful in the harsh wind of the desert traditions can be changed, if the life conditions don’t correspond.