As I write more or less orthographically/grammatically lousy (dyslexic) in several languages, I discover in the last years a new specie of vanitous kids, sometimes adults, who tend to hit my silly head with their golden spell star, when they have no REAL argument left in a conversation.

I started to think about this up nose mediocrity, and came to the conclusion that many must have been inflicted at early age by pushy parents tapping their juvenile heads with benevolent content, if those toddlers recitate the alphabet before getting their vitamin increased mashed patatoes. I guess the discours in such family’s must be limited to narcissistic expectation of worldly “success” without any discours about the philosophical fragility of such a “sucess”. Poor kids

I also suspect that schools still lost in frontal brain filling, are subjected to education budget restriction who prefer to organise cheap spell glory contests than invest into far more expensive good teachers helping children to learn to reflect on their own . Spoon feeding the next generation with reactionary minimalism is a democratic failure, specially in times where our values should be based on deeper insights than the ability to “follow the rules” at each ethical price. Language is vivid anyway and changes each day through our all impact, and it has always been and will always be “in transition”. Sticking to one “right” way, appears linguistically absurd. WHO wants the subordination of words to one reactionary formatted must? Each his own creative sparkle. Intelligent Brains are flexible and knows how to recognise patterns in other humans expressions. Lazy brains demands subordinations to THEIR narrow world view.

What matters more? writing the word ecology or social justice “right” or understanding it?