A way to analyse why we have such a run from so many to be such ineffective disastrous “leadership” is understanding as each “winner” situation increases the testosterone level drastically. Measure the fans of both gender of the winning football club and those of the “loser”tribe, and you know what I mean. In case some feels not too self assured about his/her human potential, THAT might help…temporary. But like each addiction, it has to be fuelled AT EACH PRICE..permanently! So, those Hype searchers, those power gamblers in economy, science, politic, everywhere have few less time for the topics they represent. Like each junkies, they are busy “organising” the supply of this “feel good ” and kicking each concurrent in the supply chain down who could set him/her on cold supply cut. We can easily assume that the devastating social coast of this abuse are the highest from all possible drugs.