Lets question the true motivation of Art sponsoring and Art support institutions . At first sight, it seems a paradox that artists speaks up against such benevolent “help”, but lets question this gifts.

Assuming that without these go betweens, who are administrating the most culture money into their own bureaucratic budgets and a “little nepotist help for the friends of the friends”, culture would disintegrate is neglecting the fact that outside the “please the wealthy”, art has always exist as creativity is a human natural form of expression. A spit on the hand in a “pre historical” cave was about story telling communication, not about “filling forms to get grants”with non controversy lovely scab picking conceptual narcissistic blah “art”.Who saw the price named after the poor Turner, knows the substanceless misery!

The old cynical art market hype based on the speculative expectation of few has NOTHING to do with the expression of art in his multiple forms in daily life.

Instead of feeding the king s new clothes , lets laugh at this entertaining masquerade, assuming that  neoliberal destructed neglected spaces needs this bunch of flying ants to rejuvenate to new prosperity during they rip of the tax etat away from each ground effort of local artists is a sad farce.

We all can do without them and we know REAL art is about a “free spirit” not about “please your master”.