I just went to complains about an english gazette, who s pseudo “free comment” moderation politic needs truly to be questioned. But what do I found, going through the proposed list of blogs. One complaint after the next of probably exactly the same spam lobby who delete with zealot fanaticism each critical comment about the Isreal/Palestinian conflict, till even the most well inclined to a peacefull solution respecting both side gave up commenting on such articles.

This pushy “we are the victims” whatever we do to other, behaviour, who even rejects the own critical voices as “self hating jew” does not inspire sympathy for their causes.

In my family, during the war, jewish and other people in danger have been protected and helped to survive.My mother had later a great respect for the kibbutzim movement.I can hardly be spoted as onesided racist.But I ask few questions:

What is the danger difference to “bad states” when it comes to non admitted nuclear weapons?

How would the world would have react if ROMS had demanded their part of, let say, Rajhasthan, their old homebase, after the war? much Lobbysuport?

Is disdain towards the vital needs of a neighbour truly a form of self protection?Is the destruction of his olive tree and his house a form of peace?Is a wall truly a “intelligent” form of communication?

I am not angelic when it comes to some violent determinism of the opposite groups, who have advantages in the perpetuation of the conflict, I simply wished a more introspective way who would join the hopes for a real common future a majority of citizen on both sides.

Much courage to all people of goodwill searching for a human fair solution.