If you ask children at pre-school who is an artist, all children say “me!”, if years later you ask older children, you still get some voices, as adults the most pretend to not know how , and to leave that to “professionals”.       WHAT WENT WRONG?

My mother(painter and art  professor) had  show me since early age to see instead of only to “look”, by stepping a bit away from the picture and closing slightly the eyes.
She used to pretend, everybody can paint, once they forget that they have been told that they cant. Creativity is natural to humans, the division from the own potential, comes later as societal dividing “pet training”.

To go through “art training” is one option, but far more important is to be aware of the conditioning who happen, who destroyed the capacity to perceive the world and to communicate it expressively back .

This non perception assuming that art is for “special people”, a restrict boheme  and some “experts” , during the rest of humanity has more “serious” things to do, shows how dangerous creativity&perception is to a dumped downing engine who fears to be seen for what it is.inhuman!

Don t restrain yourself by forcing yourself into “being good” in whatever domain, try to let go and enjoy the playful child in yourself so long forgotten.The inner joy is the way to YOUR  “great art”!