Narcissim gets too often confuse with self love. In reality it is a form of self hate, demanding the subordination of all vital forces to the exhausting wish to be the reflect of a parental “golden egg” projected image of perfection. This attempt to control the perception of other, imposing a false persona as the centre of gravity has to fail. This immense need for attention at each price, reflects in a society valuing façade worth in ready made celebrity hypes, and the” worth” of humans in their wealth “outlook”. Everything to impress, is not much left TO BE.

Self acceptance questiones this deprived ego fantasys and a society build on “hot air”. Self love includes other and the whole out of some healthy wise “egoism”. Perceiving the other with awareness, brings naturally the other to perceive us with interest . If we want truly the best for us, we know that mutual care is a must.  A playful round .

Love yourself truly, do me that favour!