You wonder about all this projects build against the will of citizen, with the determinate insistence of politicians supposed to represent them, but affirming “it s for your own good”. All these gigantic ecological &social careless projects ,these bridges build in the middle of nowhere going nowhere, this shopping malls replacing other shopping malls without customers before and after, the empting of life inside towns the tax supported yuppieising of propriety “improvement” creating dead city centre and social outcast suburbs, this burning of  houses&woods on “attractive”eras, the destruction of old trees in park s for pretend “safety reasons” replanted fast new “safe” representative projects , this superficial over dimensional “art” improving the “attractivity” of a region, the new demands of more streets and more pseudo eco demands imposing  new “nice” standards deviating from the REAL ecological issues  , abusive farming and nuclear power waste under your garden and wars you didn’t ask for killing people you never meet, and so on….Welcome into the nepotist paradise of the friends helping the friends to make booming profits.