This new “must have” the media brainwash us daily as their ability to sell bimbo entertainment is higher than sharing culture for the inner brain plasticity, is some apogee of the narcissistic self hate instrumentalising  and REDUCING the body to a commodity subordinated to the neurotic wishes of eternal attractivity of the disposable “market fitting” human.

Once plastic surgery got invented for soldiers suffering from the wounds of the war, now the war seems about market placement up to the “improvement” of teenager.

Considering that world hunger could easily be solved several times by the profits of this intrusive “industry”,and that globally clean water is more needed to children than fluid in plastic breasts, the deviance how care turned to non care is evident.

Instead of more oversized pneumatic lips, beauty “improved” noses &vaginas, stretched penises & eyelids and other cloned horrors, lets get the dignity of ageing and difference back, instead of perpetuating monster “norms”, and acting as if self cutting was a normal “success” improving act.