Over the last years a industry, probably in need of new clients, as sheep to mark and sailors to decorate gets less, has impose herself as a new MUST to prove the own sense for “individual” temerity. Considering that this “mass freedom” is just another paradoxum more, as much as the next “revivals” to animate the business, like tribal branding or piercings for truly fashion “victims”.

The need for “strong sensations”, are a sign of  lousy censorial connections, who points towards early censorial deprivation resulting  later in a poor endorphins production . So, what went wrong in those spoiled brats life?

All this is a narcissist desensitisation of the body, reducing him to an “out look” commodity pretending to reflect through decorations many will regret in later years, the inner more valuable “I”.It is as neoplatonist as all body/soul divisions denigrating the body to a faire valoir of the soul.

The REAL individuality is to NOT run on commend to do the “IN” to do.

The skin of a human tells already lots of stories, without placative statements.