Analysing our society without considering the wide use of cocaine as “promotion factor” in yuppie speculative careerist circles, leading to effects like coolness or social disdain, or the passivity created by the wide overuse of tranquilliser leading to a lack of appropriated revolt facing abuses, neglects that under all the “serious surface”, we live in a reality created by drug heads.

We can ad to that, social boozing reducing the faculty to reflect, and other “entertaining” addictions more, deviating the senses from making sense.

Neoliberalism without speed, and postmodernity without mood flatners is like engines without their fuel. All the “normal” junkies taking their little pills to “function well” and all the false hypes full of emptiness sold by marketing pushers and “the show must go on” profiteurs.

High time to detox society before we end as specie as the tragic side issue of a “to consume” reality distortion.