Les ciseaux coupe language Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

Bizarrement face aux reactions enver certains mots qu un parfumeur age d une autre epoque a dit, n aurait pas du dire, devrait dire…. je me dis que je prefere savoir ce que les gens ont dans la tete qu un future ou la bonne parole mediatiquement correcte aurra pousse les mots undisables dans de sombres oubliettes inconcevables ou ils nourriront de sombres champignons veneneux.

Le politquement correcte m apparait plus dangereux que curateur pour le pensee libre entre humains.

Et ne me dites pas que le racisme lingustique se resume a un facteur de pigmentation resorbant de vitamine D . Et si perpetue le myth d etre “noire”, n etait pas une autre forme d auto racisme, en plus d etre absurde vue qu aucun etre humain n est de cette couleur, ni aucun “blanc” non plus?

Nous sommes tous des africains plus ou moins palots qui ont voyager a travers l espace et les siecles.

Does TV cooking feed us truly? Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

One of the favourite cheap TV screen filling productions these days are “cooking shows” or even worse, competition cooking shows where severe cook decide about the ability’s to “please” of competition hungry attention seekers.

A farce considering that the most watching these  “masterpieces” are eating profit driven lousy food “oeuvres” instead of simple natural food who turned to be now “elite reserved”.

Is virtual “cuisine” not just another deprivation, deviating the attention from our true needs to obsessive considerations limiting us to an horizon not trespassing the limits of our plate? Are we suppose to salivate at the sound of the bell of eternal bounty filled with virtual  inflationary recipe and to retrograde to an oral immaturity willing to welcome each dissatisfaction  served by a new “boom”? Guess some plates will remain empty!


Internet propaganda Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

Beware! Many posts are disinformation, pretending to be personal statements or informative material, but in reality they are lobby send “room&brain filling” activities pretending to be “vox populi”.

Some truly expect that their transparent manipulation attempt cant be seen as such. Well, some might not recognise them, but with the years comes the “pattern recognition”.

Around 30 000 “employees” polishing the image of china on the internet.

You truly think, they are the only ones?

arrogance participation Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

Have you noticed the slight mocking up lift mouth corner of someone trying to discredit you in an argument? To me, this little visual sign tells me this person has lost eye to eye  respectful authentic contact to me and tries to discredit me by association with some imaginary sense of illusionary superiority, he/she believes into uplifting her by some surreal not shared miracle upon me.

When irony is the last possible hand reached out, cynicism is biting that hand. These days a favourite lazy concept used often by reactionary politicians and their “followers” trying to get rid of deeper reflection by disregarding those asking such questions ( when that does not work, the next behaviour are eyeballs uplift and a foggy look pretending absolute innocence, saying the most venomous discrediting phrases at the same time). The delusion of an hypothetical grandeur build on….whatever the ego got structured with, as this human betrayed once the inner child who felt real emotional needs, replacing those by a false sense of  “belonging to those who own power”, who themselves had to impose it to the outside world to confirm their own inner betraying as “being the right way” to handle reality. A vicious circle as long the self does not say: “the emperor is naked!”, lets truly change the priority’s of  needs and ask back for those essentials. The need for Power is always a sign of inner weakness, missing and  fear.

Disdain is projected self hate. A society build on class division supported by such “cheap importance” attitudes is expressing his own inability to be life supportive. We can expect more of this attitude in the next , with ready made meme phrases repeated by all who have petty privileges in this deviant structures and are scared of changes who might show the fragility of some inner lie s.

Sharing with courage an open heart in an inclusive way even in the controversy, or kicking the other down to show off the own delusion “superiority”, we decide NOW by our communication, the future or non future of humanity.

Work “ethic”? Tuesday, Oct 26 2010 

“Work ethic” is a protestant relict like capitalism. Philosophical very questionable in an era where a destructured turbo capitalism is on the edge to kill our specie. Since ever this meme has been used to divide between the “good workers” and those lazy hedonist devoted to the fire of hell and perdition. But seen from near, the ethical dimension is not that evident. Are workers truly suffering from a stupid work delocalised to cheap labour country’s, or from the sense of belonging to a myth of worth through this work. Do we need to keep industries destroying environment going, only because they are supposed to be ” a part of the own self “. In a moment were a gambling neoliberalism spreads illusions about a ” new economical boom” through austerity plans pointing backwards to a pre social capitalism, the time has come to rethink the whole game, instead of getting lost in finger pointing division between those who still have work, (too often go between work administrating the masses of “not winners” in “adaptation courses” who bring “new prosperity” to those inflicting on other the absurd positivist mantras!) and those who don’t, who are supposed to feel sad and ashamed and longing for work under whatever condition and to whatever wage.

Human work has first to make sense, and considering the amount of not pay work millions of humans do daily unnoticed in social or other situations, the main “worth” seems not directly connected to his money “worth”.

Like said before, base income would make us reconsider our vision of “work” not as a form of hierarchical post modern slavery accepted to survive where some work more to earn less for other owning the structures who might or might not work but can make other jump through their speculative greed moves decorated as “creativity&courageous decisions bringing salvation to all!”. Confusing “being a good child” doing his work earning “points” with pleasing an ending driven system could end as immature irresponsible disaster. Lets rediscover the creativity in each humans and see… his dignity too. Lets work on a common redefinition of work for the sake of all.

Is the middle class waking up out of her beauty sleep? Sunday, Oct 24 2010 

Underneath all the demonstrations in many country’s theses days, one hope seems to be in common for a change of society.

Pointing at the abusive elite  is one necessity. I simply ask myself if enough will also point at their own life choices and lifestyle in the last decades who has been too often out of  participation advantages to this game, “security” decisions, or simply lazy mainstream following, the oil instead of the grain of sand in the system.

Only if we are willing to truly be introspective, the hopes will not remain hidden heart wishes, but courageous demands leading to REAL changes.


Robin on a branch Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

A robin and I had a conversation

both bowing the heads like old polite japanese,

each time we exchanged few noises.

Full moon Friday, Oct 22 2010 

A huge full moon

is squeezing himself through the window

to hunt  shadows in dark corners.

agents provocateurs Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

When we observe how peaceful protest of citizen gets denigrated rapidly through violent actions coming out of nowhere , but legitimating counter violence to “bring back order” from those forces who fear the changes those protest could bring, we should question the over emphase media attractivity of such “wild destructive outburst” almost orchestrated to neglect the greater majority of involved protesting citizen.

How many ” destructive protesters” are agents provocateurs or instrumented by them? How does the therm terrorist get use for more control impacting all citizen. How much does the city divided into “good quarters and bad suburbs” to instrument social tension as insecurity factor?

Who has truly an interest to frighten the public ?

To question “evident” situations critically is a must!

Have a deeper view on the pictures !

Et si on changeait notre societe pour de bon! Tuesday, Oct 19 2010 

Moi, la retraite je n y ai jamais cru. Tout ces moutons de Panurge “rentrer dans le rang”d un backlash neoliberal petit bourge apres l elan de coeur de 68 qui se pleignent maintenant d un systeme injuste, se reveillent un peu tard. Mais bon, mieux vaut tard que jamais. Alors, c est pour de bon cette fois, tous ensemble avant qu ils nous detruisent la planete et l humain? Une veritable democracie juste et solidaire?J osse y croire, car c est necessaire et notre espece a un instint de survie.  Et toi?


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