Despite of the recomfort for psycho rigid natures in need of  “comfy noises”, the use of these “To do lists” to some abstract “success” is very questionable, beside as advertising factor for the publisher of such “guides” themselves, acting out the master finger pointing towards the possible space cookie seat in the sky. Life is a much too individual, wonderfully paradox and demands our here&now attention to unfold as evidence in each instant of our life. The short cut those “life recipes”who cant fail if you apply them right have the simpleton tasteless taste of “ad water”noodles. Some like it…but does it nourish on the long run?

Maybe try the opposite of those “golden rules” and allow yourself to be surprised about the inner joke of life, oops, what that a new “to do” hint?No way! go and forget it!life gives a shit anyway about “planed concepts”. Learn from Stalinist 5 year plans.They never worked out.As less as all this snake oil sellers of neo liberalism you might meet over here. Don t tell me you expect to be an interesting character, by trying hard to be a “please for business”.

Invent your own rules & break them regularly to keep a vivid mind!