The obvious inability to integrate environmental, social, and global  aspects  in the “solutions” proposed to “cure” are a determinate miss function who aims not to help those affected, but to prevent the greater structure of being seen as a source of dehumanising danger.

Instead of acknowledging our all interconnection , where each of us is impacted and impacts the greater whole, we get spoon feed with “each his own” soup,to  hope that prevention campaign of detection are THE help, neglecting a  critical view on the real factors impacting our body/minds. Same goes for mood flatteners, supposed to  make people fit in back into their “normal life”, unquestioned how deregulated and disconnected from the unconscious common feeling that “something goes very wrong and might kill our specie”and nothing truly is done to prevent it.All this calmed down avoided feelings like sadness&anger NOT FELT missed as “changing motor” of conditions.

Same goes for economy “experts” still postulating such patronising nonsense like: “if the poor would educate themselves, they would reach the pot of honey too and improve our society”, despite the increasing wealth distancing nepotism and the immense amount of high diplomaed skilled persons send to the purgatory of “write your CV 100 X!” mocking statistic “improving courses” of readaptation to a cynical delocalising system.

Ecology and quantum physic amongst other sciences & art, are clearly pointing towards a greater interactive  “I” . To neglect it is mechanical  isolationism.

The idea behind all this “shame on you, you loser if you fail to be happy & wealthy !” deviant memes, is evident. Even those hiding behind  the walls of “good side of the fence” are simply postponing their own involved issues, if they avoid being one of us.

Lets rediscover SOLDARITY as real base of change&health.

It might be a relief to see further than the own navel in despair and figuring out that “our” missfortunes are everybody s reality, and we are all in the same boat .