How often have we heard in late hours, mister wanna impress the girl , unable to trespass his “cool attitude” , slightly affected by too much spirit,  acting out a sentence reducing Wittgenstein to few words about the unspeakable of the unthinkable.

Now beside this stereotype  abuse of more complex reflection, or a research on Wittgenstein’s own socio-psychological “think eras” limitations , lets try  another simple approach to this “don’t think that one “.

Who is this WE, pretending to “not think” what he/she is obviously fascinated avoiding thinking, describing those “non nos”  think eras as “not thinkable” ?.

Don t think now of a pink elephant on a bicycle!


Philosophy might end in dead ends,

Our brain don’t function on “no nos!”

Lets try to accept certain “Though fog zones”, till they clear up to more evident non thought before thoughts. Lets find out what for we are supposed to not think, what we feel but might not have the fitting words “at hand”. Lets risk a bit of  “unprecise” uncertainty in our perception&communication about reality. Lets trust the sense making sense of the pretend chaos.

A little waltz loosing “ground” might shake the control headmaster and give “new meaning” supportive earth under the feet’s.