Today, France citizen in many ways will demonstrate their opposition to a government stubbornly ignoring them. This strike day affecting all aspects of life might not be the last one and is supported by a great majority of the population.

It is about the unwillingness of the population to rise the age of pension. One more of the neoliberal austerity meme they try to spread after having spoonfeed the banks with billions, in great fast easynes.

The population sees the cynical lies of a greedy turbo capitalism wishing to go back to a pre social eara, pretending to “care”, when they only care about their own petty privileges and profits.

I see the easy spread mockery clichés about “french, demonstrations & strikes”, but let me say it loud to those ears still covered by the “sound good noises” of an aspiring reactionary class , who will have to face in soon their own decline in the next crash. More and more people worldwide wake up to the abuse done to democracy and humanity, and consider the patronising attitude as a unbearable arrogance done to mature citizen.Those country’s wannabe elites lost the most in a market legitimation of class division will act the most upnose towards citizen protest on the street. Who cares about their disdain, the sign of their social fear. Don t let yourself be fooled by some brainwashing media playing those protests down. Its NOT about a “minority”, millions on the streets are not a “minority”,  it is about an angry population acting in civism for their rights. Solidarity is our best common surviving tool.

Lets follow the bare breasted liberty,

Vive la republique  solidaire!