The most visitors of feudal cathedrals are easily impressed by the megalomaniac “sky reaching” dimensions of these places. But too rarely, the guides indicate , how cathars and other “heretics”, who s stolen wealth got often use to build up those master architecture, are still depicted by the violent dominant, in mockery stones on portals, friezes and art to teach the masses the danger of non obedience to power structures and dogmatic doctrines .

The indoctrination aspect of “pious” art is also a long history of depicting elites associating themselves with it as metaphysical unquestionable evidences.

The frontal elevated position facing the masses creates another design language of power hierarchy. ( Some media still instruments too, like at the last UK election, presenting the 3 party/one neoliberal show in such a “natural “environment placement of the candidates facing the public.)

The separation of clergy “space” defines their go between function too.

The light , the  statues are “look down” graces illuminating the hearts from above.

We can enjoy the craftsmanship of generations of skilled humans, but we have to recognise the signs behind the signs. Architecture is not neutral.

In a silent moment, unimpressed by the organ tremolos and the fog of incense and candle, lets memorise all those who suffered due to these brainwashing factory’s.

Instead of celeste highs “out of reach”, lets ground back in nature and lets enjoy simply an allee s of trees bending their branches towards each other in the natural light. A natural spirited protection.