Are you still wearing those cheap fast destroyed foot fashion or those expensive label shoes pretending robust quality they once might have had, but disappoints you if you truly consider a daily life use instead of “sitting in an office” with them? . I know a very tinny absolutely not “styled” shoe shop well hidden in a side street not easy to find, were shoe makers (a specie in danger of extinction!) in the 3 generation sell decent shoes. The kind of shoes who last years, and make happy feet. When you buy them, your name gets associated in a little book to those shoes, as they repair themselves each pair in need and don’t loose them out of sight, once you pass the door, goodbye.

You might think I am a snob!(maybe!)

I am simply someone who cant afford rubbish and I love walking.

I am pretty sure, I will not tell the place, beside to very good friends, who s mind I like as much as their feet.