Ever tried to figure out the price of a simple train ticket or the time tables on one of these stylish web pages where you can click to get informed about everything you don’t care, but will never obtain an answer to the banal question you asked originally.

You get lured by a post modern fancy outlook into a Daedalus trap of  “get lost, we don’t care!”, as the “info page” is a about show off design, not daily life practicality. All for the outlook, no substance, could be the motto of our fin de siecle feeling, right of the start of this “new bounty full, new prosperity, new boom, new…yawn!”era”.

Can it be that more and more people aspire for less varnish values and more substance. Remember how they promise “better” service through privatisation destructuration, Ah!. From politic to “services” , a great feeling of being mocked by empty of sense phrases and presentations. Many have enough of this vacuous profit driven superficiality, where the individual faces a solitude made out of call centre,  info offices  and  other ” meet the non logic” services or “serve yourself and get lost” engines.

Now, how much cost the ticket from A to B?