Have you noticed the slight mocking up lift mouth corner of someone trying to discredit you in an argument? To me, this little visual sign tells me this person has lost eye to eye  respectful authentic contact to me and tries to discredit me by association with some imaginary sense of illusionary superiority, he/she believes into uplifting her by some surreal not shared miracle upon me.

When irony is the last possible hand reached out, cynicism is biting that hand. These days a favourite lazy concept used often by reactionary politicians and their “followers” trying to get rid of deeper reflection by disregarding those asking such questions ( when that does not work, the next behaviour are eyeballs uplift and a foggy look pretending absolute innocence, saying the most venomous discrediting phrases at the same time). The delusion of an hypothetical grandeur build on….whatever the ego got structured with, as this human betrayed once the inner child who felt real emotional needs, replacing those by a false sense of  “belonging to those who own power”, who themselves had to impose it to the outside world to confirm their own inner betraying as “being the right way” to handle reality. A vicious circle as long the self does not say: “the emperor is naked!”, lets truly change the priority’s of  needs and ask back for those essentials. The need for Power is always a sign of inner weakness, missing and  fear.

Disdain is projected self hate. A society build on class division supported by such “cheap importance” attitudes is expressing his own inability to be life supportive. We can expect more of this attitude in the next , with ready made meme phrases repeated by all who have petty privileges in this deviant structures and are scared of changes who might show the fragility of some inner lie s.

Sharing with courage an open heart in an inclusive way even in the controversy, or kicking the other down to show off the own delusion “superiority”, we decide NOW by our communication, the future or non future of humanity.