Irish protests Sunday, Nov 28 2010 

Don t tell me, they believed neoliberal fortune is eternal!

Sometimes I get bored of those who complain after the evident crash, that an abusive divisive system does not “work”!

Solidarity to all who knew it and did something against it before!

Student demonstrations Sunday, Nov 28 2010 

I just wonder if the angry students just demand their participation crumbles of the neoliberal privilege cake from those pretend job factory’s  or if they are truly questioning the brainwashing package given to the aspiring middle class in fear of failure, the perpetuation of the divisive “lick upwards, kick downwards, look away!” way of life delusion.

Learning is happening anyway permanently, so lets question the true reality wisdom quality of this districts of “select” elite formatting . You want to be “on of them” you just fight now? Is that not a bit hypocritical? You truly think, it s only about the amount of debts and not about deeper artificial tribal “belonging” games?

I can imagine a complete different approach based on creative curiosity and pleasure, our true neurological bridge builders, helping humans to develop their inner potential to serve the community, instead of this reactionary frontal “education, education, education” (control is deadly to intelligence!) authoritarian nonsense point scoring,  little golden wrapped diploma star catching. Don t you?

How rebellious are you truly?

A little bit to act cool “as if” to tell, once in your youth you let a bit of steam out before you got “serious ” , or truly questioning the society paradigm and your role in it?

Another life is possible!

Thanks “giving”? Saturday, Nov 27 2010 

Time to think that “exploited” resources are not given gifts from nature but mostly stolen from the next generations for the actual greed of few.

Good time to rethink the paradigm.

Owl s old wisdom Saturday, Nov 27 2010 

A couple of owls

flying curves over our heads

what does these old philosophers have in mind?


The flow of subventions Friday, Nov 26 2010 

In these days of European boom and bust hysteria & tristesse , few observations on the side:

If you ask yourself why those who preach water&bread increase their own bureaucracy administering the transfer of our money, remember…its for their best.

If you wonder why a product gets exported and reimported (to repeat!) till the billions are flowing, don’t…subventions have their own  logic .

Ever looked at the agriculture subventions, who finance the replanting of landscapes,  who have been destroyed by the subvention profit of oversized industry farming, only to name one of the many destroy/preserve game absurdity’s.

If you wonder why  “coaching” courses for unemployed get absurd amounts of subvention for even more absurd worthless concepts, one should avoid even mentioning in his CV, if one wants to be taken seriously!…they are “feed the go betweens” lucrative job creations and statistic “improving”.

If you wonder why some forgotten locations (where the jobs got delocalised before!) probably  get “improved” by “art”…from external imported mostly lousy artists. Remember art subvention nepotism exist. locals are only a “to entertain if they want or not ” aspect in that calculation.

New “improved” estates who cant be afforded by the old inhabitants,”improved” new roads and infrastructures leading to hypothetical “improved” futures,” improved” this and “improved” that.

If you expect enterprises to be high tax payers…find out that they know how to avoid it and even get many help to do so, and understand it is  the poor who pay the most.

How much “daily madness” more does it take till citizen get angry?

Enlightement is not a “diploma” Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

The linear assumption that enlightenment is the result of being a “good child” behaving mannered, and by that obtaining a success falling out of the sky….ONCE, in a procrastinated far future….is imposing ego society pleasing rules on a natural spiritual reality, and by that avoiding the real thing.

The courage to be authentic and aware without second hand dogma gratification  thoughts , increases the perception for the immanence of the interconnected energy. But, more as a side effect, not as a goal to achieve.

Instead of “spiritual” point collecting  entertainment, instead of “spiritual” tourism and ” spiritual” feel good group pressure, simply BEING “it”, whatever “it” just is , paradoxes and “not knowing” included!

A bird in the fresh air of autumn Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

Leaving the flog,

flying backwards,

to support some leftovers.

The essential written with wings in the sky!

Late cranes Saturday, Nov 20 2010 

The crane circle above the roof,

a gentle welcome and farewell ,… after all,

NOW the winter can come.

Neo colonial “spiritual” market Friday, Nov 19 2010 

First version (the most evident one!) is the export of the own religious concept in a missionary way to other country’s and mostly to those class of society who are easy targets for proselytism. See the evangelic sects in Brazil , Africa or amongst the Rom community or other self declared “light bringers” of any pious zealot background using their doctrine versions to gain worldly power.

Second version, the import (and export through those guru&sect “wisdom”marketing delivery country’s) of “holiness” through a common meme of a better “Asian spirituality” avoiding the issues in those country’s like social apartheid or corruption to full fill a gap of sense of the middle class unwilling to truly change globally the parameters towards more social justice impacting the own wealth& lifestyle, but wants “nice”(nescius/ignorant) recomfort through  golden member club “being good” group belonging in tourist “relaxing” exclusivity, exotic enough to not recognise the feudal authoritarian neoplatonism of body(animal)/mind(soul) split they might have had the wish to overcome “at home” and the “not spiritual at all social&ecological ” environment” (the use of coloured glasses recommended).Not to mention the multiple “feel good, get successful, everything is fine !” business mixing all kind of superficial imported and home grown “its your own luck if life smiles at you in turbo capitalism”affirmations to a cynical cocktail . A distraction more from reality.

On a cross point of history, we can either retrograde to a fantasy of immature subordination to dogmas (and clergy’s and “enlighten”  father/mother figures…assuming enlightenment as another hierarchical wealth resource “for the best”) pretending to “care” for us (please leave your critical mind at the door!) or mature up to a responsible common handling of a disastrous reality, with self awareness in the individual and interconnected sense.

Heart or disdain! Sunday, Nov 14 2010 

To me it appears more and more clear ,that the real split is not between arbitrary outside classification labelling humans, but between those who need the cynicism of disdain to feel alive and those who have the courage to live accordingly to their heartbeats.

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