In these days of European boom and bust hysteria & tristesse , few observations on the side:

If you ask yourself why those who preach water&bread increase their own bureaucracy administering the transfer of our money, remember…its for their best.

If you wonder why a product gets exported and reimported (to repeat!) till the billions are flowing, don’t…subventions have their own  logic .

Ever looked at the agriculture subventions, who finance the replanting of landscapes,  who have been destroyed by the subvention profit of oversized industry farming, only to name one of the many destroy/preserve game absurdity’s.

If you wonder why  “coaching” courses for unemployed get absurd amounts of subvention for even more absurd worthless concepts, one should avoid even mentioning in his CV, if one wants to be taken seriously!…they are “feed the go betweens” lucrative job creations and statistic “improving”.

If you wonder why some forgotten locations (where the jobs got delocalised before!) probably  get “improved” by “art”…from external imported mostly lousy artists. Remember art subvention nepotism exist. locals are only a “to entertain if they want or not ” aspect in that calculation.

New “improved” estates who cant be afforded by the old inhabitants,”improved” new roads and infrastructures leading to hypothetical “improved” futures,” improved” this and “improved” that.

If you expect enterprises to be high tax payers…find out that they know how to avoid it and even get many help to do so, and understand it is  the poor who pay the most.

How much “daily madness” more does it take till citizen get angry?