I just wonder if the angry students just demand their participation crumbles of the neoliberal privilege cake from those pretend job factory’s  or if they are truly questioning the brainwashing package given to the aspiring middle class in fear of failure, the perpetuation of the divisive “lick upwards, kick downwards, look away!” way of life delusion.

Learning is happening anyway permanently, so lets question the true reality wisdom quality of this districts of “select” elite formatting . You want to be “on of them” you just fight now? Is that not a bit hypocritical? You truly think, it s only about the amount of debts and not about deeper artificial tribal “belonging” games?

I can imagine a complete different approach based on creative curiosity and pleasure, our true neurological bridge builders, helping humans to develop their inner potential to serve the community, instead of this reactionary frontal “education, education, education” (control is deadly to intelligence!) authoritarian nonsense point scoring,  little golden wrapped diploma star catching. Don t you?

How rebellious are you truly?

A little bit to act cool “as if” to tell, once in your youth you let a bit of steam out before you got “serious ” , or truly questioning the society paradigm and your role in it?

Another life is possible!