Traces of hybris Monday, Dec 27 2010 

Blood in the snow,

an animal had to die,

to prevent the hunter,

from the boredom of a family afternoon.

Quel bel hiver! Monday, Dec 27 2010 

Un grand froid ,

un soleil bas enflammant les buissons,

illuminant la glace turquoise de rose.



Midwinter light Friday, Dec 24 2010 

I wish to all in these days, human celebrated since ever the renaissance of the light, a peaceful joyful time.

Maybe with a wish for less co2 increasing “house decoration”and more inner enlightenment, less consumerism and more concerned universal caring compassion.

Here a little flame of hope in a nutshell to warm you up!

A smile, the silence, the snow, the stars in the dark blue night….all free gifts.



En memoire d Henri Nanot Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 

J ai decouvert recemment ce paysan poete, Resitant et humain digne de ce nom, victime de l hypocrisie de certains “biens pensants”.

Combien d etres libres interieurement comme lui, souffrent de la betisse facile de ceux qui pensent qu a la preservations de leurs petits privileges.

On ne peut qu etre reconnaissant, qu ils nous ont laisse certaines traces dans le temps , par leur art et leur vie, qui renforce notre courage d etre nous meme.

Commenting or not commenting? Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 

Sometimes I make the mistake to consider what some people write in some blog as an invitation to a reflection about what has been said.

Big mistake…some want people “like them”, or even only selling their business, and consider those who might not fit in their expectations as someone walking on the grass in front of their house .

Well, here we are, me with my straightforward sense for open communication, and some who expect the rest of the world to be a biased narcissistic mirror.

Sorry to not “fit in” into such a concept and thanks for the many, who s patient thoughtfulness invites creative debates, even including me in, agreeing or not.

Give me my flight NOW! Monday, Dec 20 2010 

All these travellers complaining about the disturbances due to weather conditions,

How is their impact on the weather through the travel “services” they seem considering to “deserve”?

How much lifestyle commodities creates climate change?

Did anybody told them, it s winter?


How much heat do we truly “need”? Monday, Dec 20 2010 

From year to year , I need less heat at winter.

A little wood fire to cock the meal or a bit in the evening and that’s it.

Wrapped in blankets and half gloves when I write,

Onion layers of pullovers & clothes,

Thick old walls, walking &working outside,

well covered at night,

An epigenetic memory of those ancestors, who survived with less”comfort”, like making friendship with a colder season, and being surprised about the own capacity to handle it.

The “normal” heated houses and stores appears terribly overheated, and strangely tiring. After visiting them, I feel a lost of energy.

A little bit more freedom !

Des violettes dans la neige Sunday, Dec 19 2010 

A patch of early violets?

no, only melting snow in the shadow.

About the absurdity of “self”control Saturday, Dec 18 2010 

I often read people assuming that they will achieve a “higher”level of consciousness by CONTROLLING their self ,what mostly results in controlling their emotions.

In that absurd inner battle we can ask: who controls whom, and who controls the controller controlling?

A very funny neoplatonist(division between “higher” soul/”lower” animal) con artist trick of the head ego demanding subordination from those “wild” feelings unable to “fit in” the expected narcissistic concept.

This attempts bound to fail for evident reasons, will only lead to a false attitude, and an inflationary unconscious ready to burst at the slightest contradiction of the expected effect of such a “pet training”.

Instead of this anal retentive attempt to “control life”, a culture of self acceptance would be of great worth to humanity.

A bit more open minded curiosity without conceptual predeterminism, allowing paradoxes , surprises and changes might allow the human potential to truly be. Some might be frighten by the WHOLE “self” as it might point towards a self far more meaningful as a temporary society pleasing ego.

I welcome self authenticity.


Humanism does not imply atheism Friday, Dec 17 2010 

I noticed that the therm humanism is associated theses days to atheism.

As if only atheists could be humanist.                                                                              A bit like religions pretending to incarnate human spirituality.

Time to reconsider this fast wrong association.

To trust into the human able to make sense on his own is beyond any dogmatism, and atheism seems just another zealot believer concept more.

The human potential is free to experience himself beyond any doctrine determinism and as curiosity is a main creative virtue of our specie, we might experience far more than the short horizons some wants to limit us to.

Limiting our self to fake though safety s, once pious, now pseudo scientific, showing obviously a pretentious need to appear more serious/ more holier than those “stupid s” and not reflecting science as hypothesis sharing, but as a Victorian concept of superiority, easy to challenge considering his evident actual disastrous effects as new unfailing paradigm  like the old unfailing paradigm, is the same pompous game. It is a form of conceptual territory marking, not based on logic.

Humanism is about philosophical openness , not about “think the right truth”.



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