I just read some article about the power (ever noticed, it s always about the “power”) of honesty.

I had a big laugh and thought, I highly doubt it will go that far that they tell  the true change phobic middle class followers, the harsh truth that neoliberalism is deeply unhealthy, that authenticity is not the path to “more wealth” and “more success”, and no, nerds don’t turn into frogs to kiss.

The black hole of reality avoidance of a certain “spiritual” scene is built on  mistrust towards honesty. Assuming that the ability to make pleasing “sound good noises”, which feed their own wealth, is the greater inner achievement as opposed to  sharing  a “disastrous” common ground  of REAL care.

Such a waste of precious life time and energy, so needed for AUTHENTIC social and ecological engagement. This sugar glazing of the worst systems for the sake of “don’t think too deep, smile to pseudo solutions” gives me a deep sensation of  disgust and sadness about cliché fulfilling double languages pretending to “help” the world. Spirituality is not about selling “nicely wrapped” sweets.